The Willink School

The Willink School

Maths Puzzle - March 2018

World Maths Day is 7th March! A day designed to celebrate all the wonders of mathematics in all its various and wonderful forms. Is your worldly maths knowledge up to this months’ generously general maths puzzle?
Each number has some initials after it. Just work out what the initials mean as the numbers are the clues.

For example: 7   D in a W        is          7 Days in a Week


Most correct answers submitted by the deadline wins! Hand your answer to your maths teacher or email your answer by 2nd April to Miss Teague
(lteague@willink.w‐ A voucher redeemable at any shop in the
Oracle will be awarded for the first correct answer drawn from the hat (many
thanks for the kind sponsorship by Willink PTA).

Last month’s puzzle was won by Laura Munn, many congratulations. Special acknowledgements toJames MacPhail for a beautifully thorough   
solution. Correct solutions: