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Sixth Form Opportunities

Sixth Form Opportunities



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15th Jan 2022

EPQ Kick-Off 

Y12 Only 

Students who plan to do an EPQ will have their launch session on 28 Jan during P1, this will be instead of tutor period.    The launch will cover key topics such as project structure, timeline and getting started.  Students who are keen to do an EPQ should give their names to their tutor. 

The rest of the year will take part in tutor period as normal. 


15th Jan 2022

 TED Talks 

Technology, Education and Design. 

Short and long talks about an astonishing variety of ideas. 

Some recent ones that have landed in my Inbox: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_NYrWqUR40 – managing confidence (4 mins) this is the one I wanted to show Y13 in assembly 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqgmozFr_GM – how to stay calm under pressure (4.5 mins) you should all watch this one 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2O6mQkFiiw - how to practice effectively (5 mins), create a neural superhighway! 


11th Jan 2022

Sutton Summer School Y12 Only

Apply for a place on a Sutton Summer School – you should all read this one. 

Available to anyone who is in Y12 and has only ever attended state school (or college) in the UK.  People educated abroad and those who have been to private school are not eligible. 

Additional criteria may be used as part of selection, they are not complete barriers but are worth understanding https://summerschools.suttontrust.com/eligibility/.  The more of these criteria you meet, the more likely you are to be successful.  NB Special consideration for children in care, please talk to Mrs Schofield if you would like more information. 


11th Jan 2022

Saturday, 26 Feb 2022 (there is a fee) 

AI for Scientists Genome sequencing, protein-folding, quantum computers… AI is transforming every area of science. Our online workshop, taught by a science expert, introduces you to AI in different scientific fields and valuable tech skills for science professionals. You’ll also get practical experience training a machine learning model to predict the trajectory of the Covid-19 pandemic – a great addition to your CV


11th Jan 2022

Saturday, 5 Feb 2022 (there is a fee) 

Coding for Game Design  With one third of the world’s population already estimated to be gamers, the gaming industry offers one of the hottest career tickets today. Our online workshop gives you a unique insight into the latest trends from multiplayer games to game streaming. Led by Josh Hills, a programmer on some of the world’s largest multi-player games, including Runescape and Horizon, you’ll get first-hand experience of developing and enhancing a physics-based game prototype and discover the skills you’ll need to succeed. 


11th Jan 2022

Sunday, 30 Jan 2022 (there is a fee) 

Careers in Hacking Top-flight businesses and governments the world over are recruiting for a new elite force: a band of ethical hackers charged with protecting our most sensitive information and the infrastructure that powers our everyday living. Our online workshop is taught by Daniel Wilkinson, a Security Consultant at NCC Group. He gives a beginner’s guide to ethical hacking and the skills you’ll need to succeed, with practical experience of hacking your way into a vulnerable online storefront 


11th Jan 2022

Saturday, 29 Jan 2022 (there is a fee) 

AI in Engineering Finding new and optimal ways of doing things is at the very core of engineering which makes it the perfect partner for AI and machine learning, from smart production lines to image processing technology that allows machines to see. Our online workshop is led by civil engineer and data scientist, Johan Hagstrom, who will introduce you to key AI algorithms and trends. You’ll also get hands-on experience with Python, being guided through a computer vision algorithm that can detect cars on the road – a peek into the world of self-driving vehicles. 


10th Jan 2022


Interview with Michelle Donelan and more 


What did the minister for Universities (Michelle Donelan) wish she knew before she started University?  Find out by visiting this website and listening to the Interview: 


Other content also available. 


10th Jan 2022

Jimmy Choo's Fashion Academy  

New for Sep 2022.   

Professor Jimmy Choo OBE, invites aspiring fashion design innovators to develop their own unique style at his brand new Academy, student-run boutique and Incubator. 

JCA | London Fashion Academy 


9th Jan 2022

UCAS Deadline Webinar 

Y13 Only 

13 Jan 

If you haven’t really got going on your UCAS application, this is for you.   

Registration (gotowebinar.com) 


6th Jan 2022

National Youth Theatre 

Event in Southampton on 22 Jan 

Open to anyone aged 13 – 25 

Free workshop sessions, Open Days and Auditions.


6th Jan 2022

LearnLive Events 

First one is on 12th Jan 

Live events with companies. 


6th Jan 2022 LearnLive

An organisation dedicated to people connecting with industry and learning at their own pace.  An interesting portal that everyone should have a look at. 

Channel - Learn Live (learnliveuk.com) 


6th Jan 2022

Considering university but not sure where? 

11 Jan, very short notice 

Tuesday 11th January Unifrog are hosting a webinar for students called 'UCAS: still undecided?'. This is aimed at any students who know they want to go to University but aren't sure where, or perhaps they know where they want to go but not what course to choose. It'll be an hour long and it will be recorded for any students who aren't able to make it live. Log on to Unifrogclikc the orange ‘Webinars’ tab and sign up!   


6th Jan 2022

Careers Event 

11 Jan, very short notice 

Interactive insight event showcasing all that Experian (a FTSE 100 technology data businessdoes and the different career paths within the business. 


5th Jan 2022 Masterclasses 

Aimed at encouraging Y12 to enjoy a University Taster Session.



5th Jan 2022 Channel Talent 

A wide-ranging programme of online, interactive events with several universities.  Read the attached for more details.


4th Jan 2022 Vet Science at Cambridge University 

Residential Programme for A* / A grade students in Y11 & 12 who are interested in studying Veterinary Science at Cambridge University. 

Places allocated on a first come, first-served so please look straightaway.  There is a cost (£250), bursaries are available. 


14th Dec 2021 Study in America 

The Fulbright Commission are looking for bright, curious and ambitious students who are interested in finding out more about studying in the US.?It is a fully funded week?which gives students the chance?to explore American universities,?learn about the admissions process, and receive support from expert advisers. 

Applications to be made via The Sutton Trust.


14th Dec 2021 Winchester University 

Open Days 


14th Dec 2021 Job Opportunity

The Oaks Childcare are looking for Playworkers. 


14th Dec 2021 Royal Berkshire Hospital Youth Forum

Get your voice heard. Join the forum to discuss how to improve health services for young people.

Application Form


8th Dec 2021 Nuffield Research Placements 

A FABULOUS opportunity! 

More details from Nuffield about the programme.

Placement overview

And a guide for students 

Please tell Mrs Schofield if you decide to apply.


8th Dec 2021 Speakers for Schools Library 

Speakers for Schools mission statement:  Our mission is to level the playing field for young people making sure they all have access to inspiring speakers and employers helping to provide the inspiration and experience to fuel their ambition.? 

We have had some inspirational talks in school in the past. 

Speakers for Schools has launched a video library, it is really worth a look to find a talk on an area you are interested in: 

Broadcast Video Library - Speakers for Schools 


7th Dec2021 Careers Calendar 

Explore 12 of the world's most desirable industries: hints and tips, handy worksheets, useful resources and advice from leading professionals in the field.  Prizes available. 


Anyone not yet sure what to do after Y13 should look at this  

InvestIn organise careers experiences for 12-18 year olds still in school. 


7th Dec2021 Revision Skills 

Free online revision course. 

If you use this resource, please tell someone in the Sixth Form team how useful it is. 

Anyone who does not have secure revision strategies should look at this 



7th Dec2021 Job Opportunity 

Work in pre / after school club 


7th Dec2021 UCAS Support Nursing and Allied Healthcare 

Access to support in applying for UCAS positions in nursing and allied health jobs. 


7th Dec2021 8 Mar Surrey 

University and Apprenticeship Search Fair 

Anyone not yet sure what to do after Y13 should look at this  


30 Nov 2021 Job Opportunity for 17+

Work in the after school club at Sulhamstead and Ufton and Nervet.

?Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet - Funtastic Kids


30 Nov 2021 Medical Entry Online Masterclasses

Videos offering insight into the interview process for budding medical students.


There is a cost to these events (up to £54)  students in receipt of bursary would be able to claim this money back


30 Nov 2021 Bangor University Scholarship Programme

Scholarships available to study at Bangor University (worth up to £3,000).

Scholarship handbook available here.

Application form and examples of past questions available here:



30 Nov 2021 Parish Council

A great opportunity to become more closely engaged in the local community, including a chance to join the Climate and Environment Working Group.

Please email Mrs Schofield if you would like to be involved.


25 Nov 2021 Nuffield Research Placements

If you are in Y12, studying a STEM subject (including computing, psychology & geography) and ONE of these statements is true:

  • Your family has a combined household income of below £30,000 a year.
  • You are entitled to free schools meals, either now or at any time in the last six years.
  • You live, or have lived, in local authority care.
  • Neither of your parents, or carers, has participated in Higher Education (been to university or similar).

Click here to read all about the placements.  This is an opportunity NOT to be missed!!


16 Nov 2021 GSK

Online event:  careers in pharmaceuticals and healthcare.


16 Nov 2021 Climate Change Careers

Useful information about careers that tackle climate change

Make climate change your day job


16 Nov 2021 Virtual LIVE apprentice-ships fair

Y12 and 13 considering apprenticeships really need to join this fair on 30 Nov.


14 Nov 2021 Virtual LIVE surgery 

 A must-attend for anyone who is at all interested in the idea of working in medicine.


14 Nov 2021


Info for all students 

Whether you have already applied to university, are in the process of writing your personal statement, are in Y12 and assume you will go to University or really do not know at all, you should use the ‘What I Wish I Knew about University’ website: 


14 Nov 2021 Birmingham City University  

Anyone interested in working with children with neuro-motor disorders should read this. 

BA (Hons) in Conductive Education with Qualified Conductor Status (QCS) 


14 Nov 2021  University of Notts 

Variety of webinars for those interested in Medicine, Veterinary, Engineering and STEM. 

Y12 Potential Medics and Vets should register.  These are early entry subjects. 


14 Nov 2021  Bangor University misc 

Newsletter with info and misc opportunities 


09 Nov 2021  Nuffield Research Placement

Thursday 25th November from 4pm – 5pm

Click here to access the flyer, which you can share with relevant colleagues and students.


TO BOOK YOUR PLACE, VISIT: https://bit.ly/nuffieldlaunch


This year, we are running APPLICATION WORKSHOPS to support groups of interested and eligible students. Do you have Year 12 students who:

- Have at least five GCSEs at Level 6 or above including: maths, a science and English or another humanities subject and are studying one or more A-Levels in a STEM subject?

- Are willing to undertake an onsite research project over 2-3 weeks during the summer?

- Have a combined family income of less than £30,000 per year?

- Have been entitled to Free School Meals at a point over the last 6 years?

- Would be first in their immediate family to participate in Higher Education?

- Have lived in authority care or received discretionary payments at school or college?


If so, as well as attending the Launch Event, please feel free to get in touch and we can provide a FREE LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP, to work alongside your students to complete effective applications.


02 Nov 2021  AQA Advisory Body

A fabulous opportunity for students to join the AQA advisory body.  If you have taken any AQA qualifications in 2021 or 2020 you are eligible.  This would be a fantastic experience and, if you are chosen, AQA have committed to providing a reference to employers / universities!


02 Nov 2021 Support for Medical Applications 

If you want to apply for a medical course, this site gives you access to support for writing a personal statement (£29, those in receipt of bursary will be able to claim this back) and excelling in an interview.  

There is also an essay writing competition.  Entering the competition would help you to think deeply about a medical issue (and would look good on your application). 


02 Nov 2021  Warwick Summer School

 Year 12, enjoy a taste of University life at Warwick University during the summer holiday.

This is an expensive programme and not recommended.  There are five full bursaries available.  There is a 20% discount for people who book in groups of five or more.


02 Nov 2021  Discovery Apprenticeships Fair

Apprenticeships Virtual Fair hosted by UCAS.  Meet employers, get help with CVs …..  30 Nov.


02 Nov 2021 Future Leaders

Submit a two minute video with details of your leadership, there are some great prizes on offer including work experience and mentoring.  Deadline is 26 Nov.

Click here for more resources.


02 Nov 2021  Supported Internships

For students with SEN and EHCP, Internships at a variety of locations across West Berkshire.

For any students with a SEN and an EHCP, Route to Recruitment offers supported Internships


19 Oct 2021  Becoming a Barrister

The Inner Temple is running a series of events aimed to allow Y12 and Y13 students to hear presentations and meet lawyers.  Needs booking soon.


13 Oct 2021  Various courses

Courses available in a variety of topic areas including medicine, media, psychology and law. There is a cost to sessions. Email Mr Leach or Mrs Schofield for more information


12 Oct 2021  Medical 

INTERESTED IN A CAREER IN HEALTHCARE? If you are a patient at Mortimer Surgery this is to let you know that they are resuming their surgery patient participation group (PPG) which is a useful thing to belong to in order to keep updated with local health issues and concerns. It also looks good on a CV and personal statement. If it is something you might be interested in, please contact: shirley.cullup@btinternet.com  ASAP! 


12 Oct 2021 Learn Live

A variety of careers advice, resources, jobs and live events including the chance to connect with employers. 

Worth checking from time to time.


12 Oct 2021 GSK Student Zone

Explore our interactive games and quizzes, discover roles in STEM by reading case studies, get hands-on experience and much more.

GSK STEM Education Student Zone | GSK STEM Education


12 Oct 2021 Medical WEX

Medical Projects Work Experience Week


12 Oct 2021 St James’s Place WEX

3 Day Virtual WEX giving an insight into Financial Services work.


11 Oct 2021

Microsoft Student Summit.


Timings are US centric.

Microsoft Student Summit is a 3 day event designed to help students LEARN from Microsoft executives, EXPLORE the latest on Microsoft technologies and ACCELERATE their path by skilling up and raising their profile.

Students also have the opportunity to join the community of students and learn from each other!

Join us October 18-20, 2021! Microsoft S2 Student Summit


06 Oct 2021 Read Broadly

According to the Harvard Business School:  Reading can improve intelligence and lead to innovation and insight. Some studies have shown, for example, that reading makes you smarter through “a larger vocabulary and more world knowledge in addition to the abstract reasoning skills.” 

This reading list is available to all Sixth Form Students on the Independent Study Drive. 


05 Oct 2021 Law, Business and Politics Experiences

Dates in November and January for experience sessions around Law, Business and Politics. Please email Mr Leach for more information or see: https://investin.org/pages/law-business?mc_cid=c974b286ca&mc_eid=a451952d11

(there is a cost to all sessions)


04 Oct 2021

UK University & Apprenticeship Search Virtual Fair

EVERYONE should check this

Wednesday 20 October | 12:00 - 18:00

The event features 10 live webinars including Careers and Employability, Personal Statement Advice, Choosing a Course, and Degree Apprenticeships. 


04 Oct 2021


Virtual WEX day.

Southern NHS in conjunction with Winchester University

Physiotherapy Virtual Work Experience Tickets, Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 9:30 AM | Eventbrite


04 Oct 2021

Dance Experience Day

Winchester, live event.


04 Oct 2021

Skills Expo London

Virtual event ‘showcasing Post 16 & 18 opportunities’

No other information available

???Skils Expo | NAS Media (skillsexpo.co.uk)


04 Oct 2021

Winchester Open Day

9th October – on campus

????Event Items - Open Day, 9 October 2021 - University of Winchester

30th October – on campus

???Event Items - Open Day, 30 October 2021 - University of Winchester


04 Oct 2021

University Fairs

Some happening very soon

Misc venues and dates.

If you want to register for these events, you may find the school needs to book something.  Please let us know immediately if you need help.

UK University Search Fairs | UK University Search


04 Oct 2021

Futures Some happening this week

Careers, apprenticeships, courses

Virtual event 5 and 6 Oct

?Create your Future London 2021 | Exhibition | UCAS

Manchester, live event 23 and 24 November


04 Oct 2021

University of Nottingham

A range of resources, open days, tasters … 


04 Oct 2021

Various WEX programmes on 25th October.

Virtual Work Experience programmes and career path flowcharts for job roles in business and finance. As well as an article on 5 ways to get career ready this academic year.

Application Deadline:  19th October


04 Oct 2021

Ward Round Live

16th Oct

Places going fast, apply quickly

Virtual hospital work experience course - Ward Round Live. It's a great way for students to get interactive work experience for their Medicine application, as well as taking on the role of a Doctor themselves.

Saturday 16th October 2021 & Sunday 7th November 2021

10am - 4pm



29 Sept 2021

Bitesize Bath

Explore Bath Campus, meet staff and students.

AND application support.


29 Sept 2021

PWC Flying Start

An evening event with Pricewaterhousecoopers (5:00pm - 6:00pm Monday 4 Oct).  They will take you through all of their different Flying Start degree apprenticeship programmes in Accounting, Technology and Business Management, as well as all of their work experience and other student opportunities.



29 Sept 2021

Meet Apprenticeship Employers virtually

Meet 15 Apprenticeship employers including Aldi, DeLoitte and Vodafone.

Event is on 20 and 21st October.  Presentations, panel discussions, Q&A.


29 Sept 2021

 Industrial Cadets Gold Award

Y12 only

Work in a team of Six, paired with Engineers from industry, to solve a real life problem over 16 weeks.  See email sent by Mr Downing on 29 Sep.


29 Sept 2021

Pathways to Law

For Y12 who received Free School Meals

The Sutton Trust and Legal Education Foundation have 35 places on a two year programme on law, work experience and provide help with University Applications.

Applicants must be in Y12; have always attended state school.


27 Sept 2021

 Festival of Digital Disruption

18th to 22nd October 2021. The aim of the week is to inspire those who haven’t considered careers in creative, digital and tech that they are awesome. Open your eyes to the amazing people who have either built businesses, work for inspiring businesses or changed careers. Everything will be virtual. All of the events are free to attend but registration is required so secure your places using the booking links:



21 Sept 2021

Buckingham University

16 Oct

A live open day (as opposed to a virtual open day) plus other events at Buckingham University.


21 Sept 2021

Universities AND Apprenticeships Virtual Fair

20 Oct

Students will have the chance to interact and engage with a very wide variety of universities, colleges and apprenticeship providers across the country.

EVERYONE should check this link.

UK University & Apprenticeship Search Virtual Fairs October 2021 (vfairs.com)


21 Spet 2021

Russell Group + Oxbridge

27 Sep

Meet the Russell Group Virtual Fair

??Russell Group September 2021 (vfairs.com)

Students can learn the key tips for a successful Oxbridge application, get a better understanding of student life at a Russell Group university and discover much more throughout the event. 


21 Sept 2021

 AHP Online Event 14 Oct

 If you have ANY interest in working in one of these roles

 Art Therapist; Drama therapist; Music therapist; Chiropodist/ Podiatrist; Dietician; Occupational therapist; Operating Department Practitioner; Orthoptist; Osteopath; Paramedic; Physiotherapist; Prosthetist and Orthotist; Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiographer; Speech and language therapist

Be sure to sign up for the Allied Health Profession’s Virtual Careers Day.

Deadline for applications is 8 Oct.


21 Sept 2021

 Big Questions

Mr Walker (who many of you know) is launching a Philosophy club in school after October Half-Term.  He is looking for Sixth Formers who are interested in discussing Big Questions and would like to gain some leadership experience by supporting the club.  Your tutor has more information.  


13 Sept 2021

Young Professionals Variety of events

First Event – technology – 15th September

Variety of evenings / WEX etc in a wide range of sectors.

EVERYONE should check the list.

?Events – Young Professionals (young-professionals.uk)


13 Sept 2021

 Sutton Trust Pathways

We support young people from less advantaged backgrounds to access leading universities and careers. In partnership with universities and employers, we run engaging programmes that give students practical advice and leave them feeling inspired and more confident about their future.

Our programmes are completely free to attend. All costs - including travel, accommodation, food and activities – are paid for by the Trust and our partners.

Keep up to date with the programmes that are available: 

The-Sutton-Trust-–-New-programme-activity-2021-.pdf (suttontrust.com)


13 Sept 2021

Free Access to Nuclear Forensics Conference, Oct 2021.

A two day conference that will be of interest to anyone interested in a career in Physics.  A Level students go free.

NuFor2021 - Nuclear Forensics (iopconfs.org)


13 Sept 2021

Forums for Oxbridge Candidates.  Fortnightly from Wed 15 Sep.

Shared with students in tutor time on 9 Sep.

Help with personal statement and practice interviews, virtual sessions run by Bradfield College.  Students who attended these sessions last year rated them very highly.


13 Sept 2021

General Info about going to University.

WIWIKAU - What I wish I knew about university

Access to a range of information and advice about moving on to University.


13 Sept 2021

Swansea University Taster Sessions

Swansea University's next series of 'Current News' Taster Lectures is coming soon!  

This is another excellent opportunity for your students to get a taste of University studies across a variety of subjects, with insights into current research activity and expertise.

Current News Webinar Series Registration - Swansea University


13 Sept 2021

Research and Development Apprenticeship in Metrology

Based in Reading, three year opportunity, full time, £14k p.a.

Deadline is end September (doc says end Aug, it has been extended by one month).