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The Willink School

The Willink School

March 2017 Willink Maths Puzzle
Open to all students, staff and families 

Happy International Pi Day! (March 14(3.14 in USA))
In honour of this day this month I have borrowed this puzzle: many thanks to Alex Bellos (whose books I thoroughly recommend).
Which box has the most pie in?

Hand your answer to your maths teacher or email your answer by the end of March 2017 to Mrs Eves (
Include your name and contact details (Tutor group/email address)

A voucher redeemable at any shop in the Oracle will be awarded for the first correct answer drawn from the hat (sponsored by Willink PTA: many thanks to them)

Congratulations to the Wilderspin Family who were first out of the hat with a correct answer for last month’s puzzle. People used diverse ways to solve the puzzle, including algebra and physical props. The approaches will be displayed in the maths corridor if you’d like to see more.