The Willink School

The Willink School

International School Award
(Designated International School 2016-2019)

The Willink School has held the International Schools Award for 14 years, and since 2012 at gold standard.   We are proud to be a “local school with a global outlook”; a global perspective is integral to our school vision. Staff who are appointed to Willink are inducted into our global vision and asked at interview how they may contribute to sustaining the vision.

Our international ethos includes running a large variety of trips and visits including day trips to France, Belgium and Germany, a residential trip to Spain, school exchanges, a “world challenge” expedition (Malawi in 2013, Borneo in 2015, Madagascar 2017, Thailand, Laos & Cambodia - the TLC trip in 2019) and the annual visit to Moldova where our students undertaken educational and community work since 2006. It is our aim that all students experience a foreign visit during their time at Willink. The school assembly programme ensures all students gain by hearing the experiences of our students visiting abroad and the beliefs, values and attitudes of people from other cultures. In 2012 students had the opportunity, for the first time, to complete their work experience in France. This offer was extended to Germany in 2016.

Although only a small number of students take part in our trips to China (next trip Whitsun 2018), students experience Chinese culture through Chinese teachers from Reading University who visit Willink each year, and through lessons in Mandarin. In 2018 our first exchange trip takes place to Tian Jiabling School, Xian.

Almost all students study a language to GCSE and have the opportunity to take part in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) lessons.  Aspects of geography, food technology, history, music and science are taught at some point in a foreign language and it is our aim that all students experience this form of teaching during their time at Willink. CLIL lessons are offered as part of our enrichment curriculum.

The school welcomes foreign language assistants in French, German and Spanish as well as a, British Council sponsored, Comenius Assistant from another European country (in recent years we have welcomed staff from Greece, Turkey, Poland and Slovakia).

Global citizenship is embedded throughout the school supported by our partnership with RISC (Reading International Solidarity Centre) and every tutor group lends money raised to individuals throughout the world as part of our microfinance project. All students take a humanities subject to GCSE level.

The Willink School supports the development of global perspectives more widely through teacher training. Between 2012 and 2016 the school was a partnership school for the Global Learning Programme, a hub school for primary and secondary schools in west and central Berkshire and in north Hampshire. Although this partnership no longer exists, the values are fundamental to the Willink way.

The school welcomes applications for places from overseas students into the Sixth Form. Each year a few students join us, mutually developing cultural experience.


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