The Willink School

The Willink School

SCIENCE - Dr. R Kellaway Head of department
Mr A Davies 2nd, Mrs H Weeks 3rd Chemistry, Mrs M Prestwood 4th BTEC
Mrs S Murtagh, Mrs V Fry, Dr. Gleeson Khan, Mrs R Wise, Dr. A Sanderson, 
Dr V Landeg

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Keystage 3
PDF icon Science Milestone Assessment 2017-2018

At Key Stage 3

Our schemes of work have been updated to match the new QCA (the Government’s Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) specification. We mainly use Exploring Science, supplemented as appropriate with a variety of other resources.
Revision Guides are available from the Finance Office. They are available in 2 levels 3-6 (Foundation) and 5-7 (Higher).

Year 7 Topics to revise Year 8 Topics to revise
Biology Biology
Cells Food and Digestion
Reproduction Respiration
Environment and Feeding Relationships Microbes and Disease
Variation and Classification  
Ecological Relationships  
Chemistry Chemistry
Acids and Alkalis Atoms and Elements
Simple Chemical Reactions Compounds and Mixtures
Particle models of solids, liquids and gases  
Physics Physics
Magnets and Electromagnets Energy Resources
Electrical circuits Heating and Cooling
Forces and their effects Light
Energy Sound and Hearing
  The Solar System and Beyond

At Key Stage 4

GCSE Exam board is AQA £5 per guide or £12 for three if the student is doing triple science. All are available from the finance office.At Key Stage 4 we follow the AQA Science course leading to two GCSE qualifications. We offer a balanced Science course, which means that all three Sciences are taught together. However we have organised the materials so that the various units are taught by Biology, Chemistry and Physics specialists as appropriate. The course is taught and examined in two sections:

Core Science in Year 10 and Additional Science in Year 11. Coursework has been replaced by Investigative Skills Assessments which are practical based exams done under controlled conditions in the classroom.

We also offer Separate Sciences in Key Stage 4 for some students whilst others have the opportunity to achieve a BTEC Level 2 in Applied Science.

Sixth form courses

Click on the link below for Sixth Form Course Guide 2018 – 2019 

Applied Science (BTec) Biology Chemistry
Physics Psychology Sociology

We offer A and AS levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics (OCR). We also have a Social Science Department that offers AS and A levels in Sociology (WJEC) and Psychology (AQA)

Extra Curricular Activities. 

We aim to provide a range of extra curricular activities for students. Recent examples include:

  •  A visit from Zoo Lab for all Year 7 Pupils.

  • A trip to the Natural History Museum for Year 8 Pupils.

  • An Ecological Field Study visit to Rushall Farm for AS Biology Students.

  • A trip toReadingUniversityto learn about Mass Spectroscopy for AS Chemistry Students.