The Willink School

The Willink School

Mathematics - Mr N John Head of Department
Miss L Wilson-Doyle 2nd,  KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs S Beckett and Miss L Teague Maths Co-ordinators
Mrs J DenheenMiss W Czekaj, Mr D Green, Mrs A Stone, Mrs G Schofield, Miss M Eustace

PDF icon Maths - Milestone_Assessments_2017-2018

The pupils are set from Year 7 onwards with periodic movements between sets to reflect changing levels of achievement.  Pupil progress is monitored closely with assessments taking place frequently.  The department’s Milestone assessments identifies the sequence of topics to be covered and the appropriate materials available in order to meet the different academic needs of our pupils.

Click here for the Maths equipment pack containing a school geometry set

The department has close links with local primary schools.  Special maths classes have been provided for the very able pupils from our main feeder schools.

Some Year 8, 10 and 6th form students, have the opportunity to participate in the annual UK Mathematics Challenge.  We also participate in the Team Challenge, where a group of 4 students compete against other schools.

External examination results are consistently  above the National  average at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A level. In light of National Curriculum changes and recognition of the need for on-going development, the schemes for KS3 and KS4 have been reviewed and reshaped.  A variety of text books are in use throughout the school, providing a rich scheme that draws upon a range of resources. All revisions guides are bought via the Maths department. GCSE revision guide. 

At KS3 the main text book in use is New Maths Frameworking.

At KS4 we follow the Edexcel course in  Mathematics  and we use the Pearson GCSE Maths textbook.

The department offers OCR (MEI) A2 and AS level courses.  The students can follow a path in Pure Mathematics with either Statistics or Mechanics.  We also offer Further Mathematics and it is a popular choice, with our numbers consistently high over the years.